2017 Exhibitions

Anindilyakwa Arts – Alfred Lalara

August 29, 2017

Alfred Lalara is a talented contermporary Groote Eylandt artist – one of the few who paint traditional Groote Eylandt linework.
His acrylic paintings capture some of the compositional patterns of the old style as well as the Bara and Mamarika winds – stories passed down from his father.

Papunya Tula Artists – A Survey

August 3, 2017

Paul Johnstone Gallery in conjunction with Papunya Tula Artists are proud to present Papunya Tula Artists – A Survey. In this striking exhibition, the artists reflect and draw on aspects of the spiritual that are born through association with place and community.


May 11, 2017

Jennifer Taylor’s new exhibition celebrates water in all its forms: rain, cloud, snow and ice, lake, stream and sea. In these paintings water is the eye of the land: lively, shining, changeable, expressing the mood and atmosphere of a place, seeking out and returning our gaze.


March 17, 2017

The artists, some senior and some emerging, hail from various leading Indigenous art centres including Martumili Artists, Papunya Tula Artists, Kaltjiti Arts, Spinifex Hill Studio, Warmun Art Centre and Yarliyil Art Centre.