2023 Exhibitions

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

November 17, 2023
Twenty Mile swimming (13109-23) by Grace Kemarre Robinya

ICYMI (In case you missed it) is our final exhibition of 2023 and a thank you to the communities and artists that we have had the privilege to work with. From Doreen Chapmans wildly expressionistic work to Taylor Coopers stunning renditions of Malara; From Patrick Mung Mungs powerful interpretation of Ngarrgooroon to Grace Robinyas whimsical series about swimming at the Twenty Mile swimming hole, this exhibition showcases the breadth and talent of First Nation art. We are honoured and proud to work alongside artists from across the country and be offered the opportunity to share their stories.

Aubrey Tjangala – My Father’s Story

October 4, 2023
Untitled (AT2305148) by Aubrey Tjangala

Aubrey is a traditional owner for the Country surrounding Kintore. He paints in the tradition of his father, incorporating the Dreaming stories of the area including Minma Kutjarra Tjukurrpa (Two Travelling Women), Ngintaka Tjukurrpa (Perentie) and the Waru Tjukurrpa (Fire) at Wilkinkarra (Lake Mackay).

Ngayu Bugai (I am Bugai)

August 2, 2023
Wantili (21-1313) by Bugai Whyoulter

Bugai Whyoulter is a Kartujarra woman and a senior custodian of the lands surrounding Kunawarritji (Canning Stock Route, Well 33) in remote Western Australia. Born in the 1940s at Pukayiyirna, she travelled northward with her parents toward Kunawarritji.


July 12, 2023
Kulyakartu (23-500) by Derrick Butt

Martumili Artist Derrick Butt is fast developing a reputation for the dramatic, bold representations of his ancestral Country, Kulyakartu, where shimmering undulations combine with pinpricked constellations of colour. Detailed and layered, his paintings convey not only the topographic geological forms, water bodies, and flora of the region, but also the very life essence that lies beneath the land.